Benefits of Massage Therapy

An ancient and venerable healing art

This branch of natural health care offered here in Three Lakes, Wisconsin spans a wide variety of therapeutic approaches that work to improve your health and well-being throughout the hands-on manipulation of muscles and other soft tissues of the body. 

The following benefits listed here are not guaranteed, nor immediate. The expectation of massage therapy to cure all ailments is plausible but, unfortunately, not realistic. You may choose to receive massage, and go on your way, continuing habits of haste or apathy. However, when you enter this space, my hope is that you will breathe deep and acknowledge the need to linger on the peacefulness, to savor the tranquil. 

Massage has been shown to provide benefits that not only relieve aches of the body, but of the mind and soul as well. 


• Deep relaxation

• Relief of muscle tension

• Relief of joint stiffness

• Increased flexibility

• Increased range of motion

• Promotes ease and efficiency of movement

• Promotes ease and depth of breath

• Improves circulation of blood

• Improves circulation of lymph (improved immune system)

• Reduces blood pressure

• Reduces healing time from strains and sprains


• Decreased mental stress

• Increased capacity for thinking clearly

• Improved sleep

• Works to alleviate depression and anxiety by releasing endorphins


• Enhances well-being

• Enhances self-image

• Promotes ease of emotional expression

• Reduces anxiety 

• Alleviates depression 

• Increases awareness of the mind-body connection