massage techniques

Deep Tissue


Deep tissue massage is used to create movement between the deeper tissues of muscles and helps keep them from adhering to one another, which happens with lack of movement, stress, and trauma to an area. Treatment massage is available to those in need of specific work to the neck, back, gluteal muscles, and/or hip region. 

Swedish Relaxation


Swedish massage is used to improve the overall function of the body systems, to enhance healing, and for relaxation of body and mind. A blend of deep tissue and light touch is used and adapted to your preference. During a Swedish relaxation massage, a variety of strokes make each massage unique. 

Light Touch


All touch is meaningful and intentional during a massage experience. Light touch is soothing and comforting to the body. It is a common misconception that light touch is not as effective as deep pressure. All touch equally stimulates the nervous system. Therefore light touch is an excellent option for those seeking relaxation.

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